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Twenty-two years ago a small group of friends got together to build Majahuitas Resort. We had a vision – good food and great service. We wanted no televisions or phones to mar the peace so we used solar power, and lots and lots of candles.

What none of us could ever have imagined was all of the incredible people we met over the years. All the friends we now have. You have all enriched our lives, and I, for one, feel truly blessed.

It’s the end of an era, but it’s not the end of Majahuitas. We are searching for a quiet, beautiful beach. If we find one, we’ll spread the word.

I cannot express the enormous gratitude we all feel, so I’ll just say thank you, on behalf of the staff and that small group of friends that had a vision so many years ago.

Margot Sims
Managing Partner
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Thank you for a wonderful 22 years!Majahuitas ResortEvery ending is a new beginning...

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